Hello tiny world!

So this is it. I’m finally picking up on an idea I had about six years ago – the ’52 New Things’ project.

What is this, you cry? (I can hear ya.) I’m glad you asked because honestly, I don’t really know myself. It came about while I was writing a newspaper article way back in 2010 about new year resolutions and I thought, forget all that diet and exercise crap people always give up; why not TAKE UP something new this year? In fact, why not take up something new every week? That’s 52 weeks in a year, right (right?)? Why not do one new thing every week of the year?

And lo, the ’52 New Things’ project came about.

It was never intended to be a blog. I had vague aspirations of it being a series of newspaper articles, essentially where I would make a prat of myself every week.

But then depression hit (oh aye, this is where it gets *really* good) and now it’s become what it is; this thing you’re reading right here. Please read ‘The Story’ for the full background.

Thank you for reading, from the bottom of my heart,

Emma xxx