Ever wanted to feel like someone is sanding your face? No? Just me, then.

In the ever ‘gung-ho’ spirit of, “hey, I’ve never done *that* before”, I decided to get microdermabrasion on my face. For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, the website of SkinBase, describes it as, “a stream of non-allergenic crystals to remove your skins outermost layers of dead cells.” It’s more akin to having a beauty therapist Hoover your face.

I went to a lovely local salon for this (HOLLA at Boudoir Hair and Beauty, Syston) and the head of beauty, Vicky, prepared me by slathering on a whole load of exfoliating stuff on my face. To be honest, it felt kind of nice. The she pulled out what looked like some sort of electric toothbrush (granted, from lying down I didn’t get a great look at it) and proceeded to stroke it in little lines across different parts of my face. She said in advance that it doesn’t hurt (it didn’t), it just feels like something is sucking (it did). I should have asked afterward if I could see the dirt it sucks off – Vicky, being the absolute monster that she is, has been known to show other clients who have exceptionally blocked skin the debris that has been collected from them in the Sucking Jar. Nice.

It was just … Weird. Did it work? Yes, to an extent, but you need more than one treatment to see any real difference. Would I do it again? YES but then again, I’m a sucker for any kind of beauty treatment. Even face-sucking ones.

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