I’ve been a member of the rather excellent Little Theatre, Leicester for almost four years now and every year there is an Annual General Meeting – shocking, given how they use the word ‘annual’ there. But this year there were available spots on the trustee board up for nomination.

I’ve always imagined the trustee board of anywhere to be a version of the shady ‘Greater Good’ gathering from ‘Hot Fuzz’. Mysterious names, shrouded in mystery, and only known to those on the inside. This isn’t strictly true with the theatre. There’s a notice board with a picture and mini-CV of all those on the board.

But anyway. I decided to put myself forward.

I don’t know why. What possessed me to do that? I know *nothing* about how to run a theatre, and the trustees are in charge of EVERYTHING. They make ALL THE DECISIONS. Considering I can barely make my own decisions, this was probably not a wise move.

So I put myself up for nomination along with a friend of mine … and we both got voted on to the board. Both of us! People actually voted for us! For me! What is that all about?!

Obviously I can’t go into details about what we talk about but for our next meeting, I’d like to come in a mysterious black cloak and tell people I have an apartment that smells of “rich mahogany”.

Image - 009



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