After the debacle of 2015 (I auditioned for quite a big musical society in the local area, they turned me down, they also turned out to be the biggest group of backstabbing bitches I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet and I’ve not sang in front of anyone since) I decided to audition for a different musical society, a much nicer one in Leicester. They’re called the IDOLS (Infirmary Dramatic, Operatic and Literary Society) and having liked their last two shows, as well as knowing a couple of people in the cast, I thought I’d give them a shot.

But holy shit, that audition was terrifying. I don’t like to tell people in advance that I’m doing anything where I might fail at it. I held out on confirming I would actually be coming to the audition but secretly went for some singing lessons and practised my audition number in front of my singing teacher and my boss (weirdly). What made it so much worse was that the audition panel was comprised of people I know (and one I fancy the arse off). I much prefer doing stuff like this in front of people I’ve never met before. If I fail at it, I never have to see them again.

Somehow, despite being stupidly nervous, cocking up and forgetting my words and standing as far away as humanly possible from the audition panel, I got in! Now all I have to do is decide whether or not I want to audition for ‘Annie’, which is the next show that they’re doing …

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