On Monday 3 April I was lucky enough to attend the Leicester Comedy Festival awards evening on behalf of The Little Theatre. Here’s a little thing what I wrote about it.

The Leicester Comedy Festival was a massive success for every venue that hosted a show during the two weeks that the Festival was in town, but none more so than our very own Little Theatre!

Nominated for ‘Best Venue for Over 200 Capacity’, we were up against stiff competition from the likes of The Y Theatre, Curve and DeMontfort Hall … And yet we ONLY WENT AND WON!

Your glamourous theatre representatives, Colin Bowles and Emma Bamford, attended the awards evening at the Registry Office in Leicester to join other nominees from the comedy scene and to hear who the lucky winners were. We met up with Julia Meynell along the way, the designated rep for ‘The Sooty Show’ – being down in Somerset, Sooty (or rather, Richard Cadell) was unable to attend the event. A shame, as he ended up winning the ‘Best Kids Show’ award, which Julia gracefully accepted on his behalf, causing some disappointment among the crowd when they found out she wasn’t actually Sooty. Colin himself won the award for ‘Best Promoter’ for ‘Captain Colino’s Comedy Playhouse’. The whole evening was compered by the incomparable Barbara Nice, a stalwart of the Leicester Comedy Festival scene.

All in all, a great night was had! Congratulations to all the winners.

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