On behalf of work and as a result of scoring a free ticket, I attended the London Coffee Festival. The official reason was to research tea and coffee for our new coffee bar that we are opening. The unofficial reason was to get some free stuff and have a day out in London.

After an uncomfortable Mega Bus journey down to the capital, I soon found myself in Brick Lane attempting to find the old brewery in which the festival was being held. When I finally found it and got it … Bloody hell. People everywhere. Coffee everywhere (unsurprisingly). Pretentious wankers everywhere.

I don’t like coffee but I do like tea and free stuff and luckily that was everywhere. There were also a lot of hipsters talking about coffee like it was wine – “great nose”, “can really taste the caramel”, “tastes straight like it comes from Pharaoh’s arse”. I got roped into a taste test of four different coffees (of which I got two right!) and spent a long time chatting with some lovely women from Bolton who run a delightful tea company.

And that’s kind of it. After a nutritious tea of some chicken nuggets and a tiny Coke I was back on the Mega Bus and heading home, slightly wired because it would have been wrong not to take advantage of all of the free samples.

Image - 013

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