I’ve never been to a Q&A before. For anything. So after seeing ‘My Country’ for the second time and unintentionally discovering that there was a post-show discussion, I dragged my friend Rob along to it. We sat on the front row, looking very keen and listened to the questions from other people in the audience.

Bearing in mind the topic of the play, the questions all had a political spin to them. I didn’t have anything to ask, I was just curious to see how one of these discussions operated. All the cast were there, apart from Adam Ewan (who had played the South West) and so my only questions would really have been, “where did the South West f**k off to, and why isn’t he here?”

(Adam Ewan has since answered this on Twitter with the fantastic reply, “apple blockage at the cider press. When duty calls and all that …”)

There’s not much else to say about this to be honest. It was definitely a new experience, which was all I wanted it to be!

Image - 017

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