And that city was … WOLVERHAMPTON.

What a lovely city it is!

I mean, it’s pretty much the same as every other city centre (or town centre … It’s a town, right, not a city?)  It was bloody noisy, though.

Staying with a friend in what was known colloquially as ‘The Murder Hotel’ (we only found this out the morning after), I was woken up in the early hours of the morning by what I assumed were deliveries to the hotel but sounded very much like gunshots. Bearing in mind we were on a street with a couple of bars and it was hot enough to sleep with both the windows open, there had already been a lot of noise and general merriment coming from the streets. Gunshots were not a completely random thing to think you’ve heard. It turned out to be – or at least, I hope it turned out to be, I never looked out of the window – a van doing deliveries to the hotels along our street, slamming doors and breaking boxes.

Other than that brief near-death experience was over, the rest of it was plain sailing. The bits I saw on the drive in and out were quite nice but I had to write about something new, so Wolverhampton was my choice.

(Oh, and the picture below is from a play I was in while I was there. It was written by some kids and featured the military leader of Saturn – whose planet is at war with Earth – asking a human to steal attack plans from the Earth army base. As you do).

Image - 018

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