After buying tickets A YEAR AGO, I finally got to go and see ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ in London!

The ticket buying itself was a hilarious process. For a start I did it while at work, joining the online queue and having it running in the background ALL DAY until I finally got to the checkout point at around 4pm. Then you get five minutes on each page to make your selection and pay. I wanted two tickets at the mid-level price (as apparently so did everyone in the world) for both part one and part two … When I got to the end, I’d ended up buying two top-price tickets for part two only. Bugger.

But that was a year ago and now it was THE DAY ITSELF. After a debacle that involved getting split up on the Tube (my friend Sarah got on a train, I got shoved out the way and shouted after her I would meet her at the end … Only that didn’t really happen and there was quite a lot of phoning and texting going out to find out exactly where she’d gone) we went for dinner at Planet Hollywood (which was lame) and a walk around Covent Garden Market (which was nice, when it wasn’t raining). We had eventually killed enough time to go and join the line snaking its way around the theatre. Our bags were searched and we were warned in advance that any food would be confiscated. Somehow I manage to sneak in a box of Milk Duds, whereas Sarah got her special bag of M&Ms taken away (haha!). We joined the merchandise queue, bought some unnecessary stuff and eventually made our way into the auditorium.

I’m not allowed to say anything about the show itself – the hashtag #keepthesecrets is posted up everywhere – but I can say it was AMAZING. And funny. And tragic. And brilliant. The choreography was outstanding and the acting was first rate, even from all the children (and I am not a fan of child actors). There were some terrific special effect moments, too. I need to go back and see part one now, desperately.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS SHOW. Bravo to everyone involved.

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