Having been obsessed with ballet dancers from the age of four – but being not that great at it myself – I don’t understand why I’ve never been to see an actual ballet before. Now I work at a theatre and discovered that they were having Ballet Theatre UK come to perform ‘Alice in Wonderland’, there was no way I was not going to sign up to work that shift. See a ballet and get paid for it? That’s the dream!

And now I realise how trippy ‘Alice in Wonderland’ actually is. I read the book years ago but only remember what happened in the Disney film. My favourite character will always be the bong-smoking caterpillar though.

Seeing a real ballet was incredible. I loved it. The girl playing Alice was beautiful; I just wanted to watch all the girls on pointe all day long. I wish I’d taken ballet more seriously as a kid as then I might be better at it now. My immature side also came out just a tad, especially with the very obvious crotches on the male dancers.

This was my favourite conversation on the night (I say ‘conversation’; it’s me making stupid observations):

Image - 022

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