Needing to use a recording studio urgently has never been something I’ve needed to do. But I had a potential audition lined up which depended on me getting a recording of my singing; something I’ve never wanted. Having a friend with a recording studio, Joe, is very useful in times like these.

I didn’t know the recording studio was in his bedroom. Being shown to a boy’s room in front of his family was something I’ve not had to experience in quite a few years and I admit, it felt really weird just following a guy I know up his stairs. But the set-up he’s got is incredible – all the recording equipment you could ever need. Set up in a bedroom.

I have never liked hearing myself ding, mainly because I’m not great at it and I sound like a man, so it was absolute torture to have to wear ear phones and have to HEAR MYSELF SINGING VERY CLEARLY. Also, I don’t like singing in front of people, even more so when it’s a one on one situation with a cute man. I made sure I moved the mic as far away from Joe and his computer as possible and turned my back to him.

Then I had to sing the same song several times over, just to get the best recording possible. My main thought was I sound really nervous (probably because I was). Once I’d sang it through enough time, Joe messed around with editing and cutting –insert other technical words here – and tried out Autotune, which was amazing if you like sounding like a robot goat. The whole experience of it was very surreal but I think I could learn to enjoy it if I had to! If you really have to listen to it, the audio recording is below.


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