Not being a massive fan of beer, a beer festival is something I’ve never really planned on going to. I like the sound of it and I wish I liked beer more itself but I just don’t – I’m much more a cocktails kind of person.

Then I got invited to the Great Central Beer Festival.

I’ll freely admit that the biggest draw of the festival was the riding-on-a-train part. You go on the Great Western Railway (the steam train between Leicester and Loughborough) and at each stop there are a host of beers to try. Your £10 entry fee gets you a free pint glass and guide to all the beers and I assume the aim is to try as many as possible. I started off with some stout-thing (see, I don’t even know what it’s really called) made by a brewery called Titanic; I fully chose it because of the name. Then I tried something else – I don’t know what it was, some pale ale thing – and *then* discovered the ciders. I wish I’d found them earlier! The absolute best one was something caked Peach, Passionfruit and Pineapple. It tasted just like a fizzy squash and was immense.

Not really discovering my inner beer drinker, we caught the train back to Leicester where I got to have a photo taken with one of the volunteer guards, all dressed up in the old-school uniform.

Image - 032

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