When my friend Chris asked me if I would consider last-minute acting in a murder mystery he had written, I didn’t have to hesitate. Yesyesyesyesyesyes.

The mystery was set aboard the Battlefield Line – the steam train that connects Bosworth battlefield with some local villages (yes, I have now been on TWO different steam trains). Set in the 1940’s it concerned the death of Air Commodore Justin Cloud. I was to play Lucy Morales (pronounced ‘morals’), a new girl in the village with hidden family secrets.

The day consisted of dressing up in 1940’s secretary-slash-glamour wear, interacting with customers in the olde-time booking hall at the station (lots of customers dressed up too) and then getting onto the train with them. While they sat down to a three-course meal we would occasionally act some scenes around them, laying out clues, and walk up and down the carriage talking to them and answering their questions.

Quite a lot of people thought I was the murderer; I don’t know whether I was flattered by this or not. I wasn’t the murderer but I did get to flirt with a *lot* of men (I would like to take this time to apologise to Jeremy; your kids told me to rope you into it!)

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