This year I’ve offered too chaperone kids twice – once at a youth music theatre camp that lasted for two weeks and once during two performances of ‘Annie’ at The Little Theatre.

You may think these two events would be very different. Sadly, they are not and I found myself saying any and all of these phrases on a near daily basis:

“Can you shut the door?”
“Where are your shoes?”
“Have you got everything?”
“Is that your part? Why are you singing someone else’s lines?”
“Stop talking.”
“Did the director tell you to do that?”
“The sparkly eyeshadow is great, just not really for an orphan.”

“Stop talking.”
“Where are your parents?”
“What is that? Is that gum? Why are you eating on stage?”
“What do you mean, you can’t find it? Have you looked EVERYWHERE?”


Further problems also included – a vegan participant who never ate; hyperactive eight-year-olds; a slightly pervy teenage boy; more make up than I had when I was a teenager; a lost child in a shopping centre; vomiting on a coach; two other first aid incidents, and a distracting dog.

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