A Bubble Rush run is described as, a “fun run through coloured bubbles.”

What this means is, “please turn up at Leicester’s Abbey Park on a relatively cold day, dressed in not many clothes and wearing some ridiculous neon items of fancy dress. Wait for your friend from work, Naomh, to arrive. Panic because it doesn’t look like she’s coming. Oh yes, there she is. Sign in together. Wander around the park. Buy some pick and mix sweets just because. And a tea, because it’s bloody cold. Sit in some deckchairs sponsored by Smooth Radio. Head towards the bandstand for a fun warm up and marvel at the woman wearing shorts so small that they disappear somewhere into her arse. When your colour is called (yellow) make your way towards the start line. Then GO. Sprint – or rather don’t, it’s far too crowded – the whole 5k, passing through five different coloured bubble stations that get progressively muddier and colder as you get through them. Get to the finish and a marshall tells you to go round again; you’ve only done half of the course. Go round again, this time not even making an attempt to run and instead, bitching about people at work. See the finish. Sprint gracefully towards the photographer there only to find that not ONE SINGLE PICTURE OF YOU RUNNING exists in the finished photo album. Collect medal. Say goodbye to Naomh. Get on the bus home – cold, wet and with weird blue dye-markings on your legs. Get in shower. Scrubs blue dye off legs. Blue dye doesn’t go. Wear tights for the foreseeable future.”

But it raised money for Rainbows Hospice and that is GOOD.

Image - 035


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