Number 38 | Complete an apprenticeship …

Look! The apprenticeship that I started at my workplace last year, for the sole reason that I was BORED has been completed!

I didn’t need an apprenticeship. I chose to complete one because my job was incredibly dull and I needed to use my brain some more. And FINALLY it’s completed! (Technically I completed it back in June but it took nearly five months to receive my certificate).

I am now the proud owner of a Level 3 Diploma in Business and Administration.

Image - 038

Number 37 | Experience a chocolate festival …

Have you ever wanted to be at a cattle market (without the cattle), in the cold, surrounded by a shedload of chocolate, fudge and cake? Yes? Then a chocolate festival is the place for you.

I dragged my parents to the Melton Choc Fest early in November for a morning spent trying various foods (weirdly, not as much chocolate as we’d assumed … in fact, we tried quite a lot of alcohol), sneakily buying some as Christmas presents and eating enormous German sausages. My parents didn’t like the enormous German sausages.

Of course we picked up some items for other people. There was one stand in particular that had little hand-made chocolate figurines (things like Mario and Luigi, R2-D2, tiny sheep and dinosaurs etc.) and also a lot of chocolate tools and hardware so you could actually, if you wanted, buy a load of chocolate screws and build something fancier using the chocolate tools. For someone who loves chocolate as much as I do, it was brilliant.

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